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Apart from the fact that Mark Ryden Backpacks have an extraordinarily modern design, are also functional and comfortable. Moreover, they are designed to offer special protection for all devices. They are equipped with anti-theft locks and the vast majority with charging ports. This helps you keep all your devices charged if you work full day or travel. But what makes Mark Ryden Backpacks incomparable with any other products in this range is their functionality. A big range of fashionable backpacks for men and women to carry-on all their belongings are now available in Cyprus.

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49.00 / 41.18 excl. VAT
68.00 / 57.14 excl. VAT
72.00 / 60.50 excl. VAT
75.00 / 63.03 excl. VAT
85.00 / 71.43 excl. VAT
79.00 / 66.39 excl. VAT
65.00 / 54.62 excl. VAT
68.00 / 57.14 excl. VAT

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